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Adam Philips
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Dashkin was to be a side-scrolling platforming browser game based on the Brackenwood animated series, created by Adam Philips, who also served as the visual artist and writer of the game. The game's story was planned to be canon in the Brackenwood storyline.[1] The game was also intended to have an original soundtrack by Lee Miller, who has composed for the Brackenwood series in the past.

Originally announced in November of 2010,[2] the game was successfully crowdfunded though a Kickstarter[3] campaign eight months into production, with perks available to the donors as awards. Four years later, the game was cancelled after a lengthy and troubling development phase.[4]

Despite being incomplete, Philips has provided an update that the "first half of the game" is playable, and that the source files will eventually be released to the public.

History Edit

Prior towards the announcement of Dashkin, Newgrounds hosted an event called "The Power of Three" in 2009, where popular users could enlist with a team of three; a artist, a programmer, and musician to create an original game. Adam and Sean were part of the competition under the Team "Fel Rook," along with Lee Miller in those respected roles. [5] Because it was revealed a year afterwards, it is not known whenever Dashkin was intended to be their submission for the competition.

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